Altena Coaching

We understand coaching as a supporting and extending measure sitting alongside
our seminars and training events – to apply the theory that has been learned in
day-to-day practice.

Do you want to…

  • … want to be more successfull personally and on the job?
  • … evolve personally or as a team?
  • … strengthen your personality or your employees?
  • … fully explore your capabilities?
  • … finally reach the goals you have always aimed for?
  • … successfully cope with stress?

Individual Coaching

Our individual coaching focuses on personal development both in the professional sphere (e.g. communications and leading staff) and in the private sphere (e.g. handling stress, achieving personal objectives and conflict resolution).


Team Coaching

In team coaching, we work on raising the performance capability of the group, for instance in the areas of communication, motivation and team dynamics.

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