Team Coaching

Team Coaching: achieve more together!

In the normal working environment, around 70% of the available attention feeds into the actual work activity.

Only 70%!

If communication is poor, if motivation is lacking, this figure can fall even to below 50%! Team coaching saves a lot of time and money. While offering new experiences, it also generates additional motivation and development.

Team coaching is a prudent approach for:

  • Company start-ups, takeovers or mergers
  • Changing the organisational structure or culture
  • Addressing existing issues in the working environment
  • Resolving poor staff motivation
  • Settling conflicts between team members or with the team management

In our team coaching …

…real situations and conflicts are explored in a protected environment
…social experience and competence is encouraged
…previously-unexploited resources are tapped into
…blocks to progress and particular abilities come to the surface

If required, our certified trainers can also bring in more extensive coaching tools (e.g. Baron EQi or EQ360°, MBTI and Birkman or Hogan Assessment Tools).

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