Outdoor Events

Outdoor Events are a blast…

… and boost team building!

One can talk a lot about leadership and teamwork. There are exciting theories and great communication techniques. Yet most effective insights come from DOING. Outdoors that is, in situations that are not ordinary, but challenging and maybe even outside the comfort zone of some participants.

Like standing on a cliff, looking at the ocean 100 meters below. Or paddling on a lake, fighting for every second.

And that’s when things get interesting: How do the individual team members interact with each other? How do they support each other?

A day outdoors is the easiest way to experience constructive ways to build true team spirit first hand. Here everyone can freely test and question ones leadership role. Barriers are falling and opinions are turned upside down.

Whether it’s atop the snowy Zugspitze, alongside the beatiful ocean in Mallorca, in the woods or on a lake – we have the most amazing locations everywhere to experience just that.

Amongst our customers favorites are:

  • Rappelling in the mountains or alongside the ocean
  • Mountain climbing
  • GPS rallyes & scavenger hunts
  • Float building, dragenboat and canoo racing
  • Soapbox building & racing
  • Rope bridges & flying fox
  • MTB tours
  • (Cross) golf
  • Sailing turns
  • Impro theater & business theater


We like to pair those activities with personality tools like LPI, Birkman etc. That way participants understand much quicker how and why they are acting the way they do. As a result the willingness to change and the understanding for others are fostered a lot faster.

We guarantee 100% team and 100% fun.

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